Amalfi Coast

An old Italian quote says that when Judgement day comes, the people of Amalfi will not have a change in life, for they are already living in paradise. After I visited Amalfi in summer I could not agree more. The Amalfi Coast is definitely a piece of Heaven with breathtaking views, amazing sea water and excellent food.

If I catch up your attention above and you think to explore Amalfi one day grab a pen, and write down some tips I have for you. If you are thinking to travel to Amalfi you should fly to Neaples (Napoli), that is the closest point to Amalfi. If you have some spare time you can visit Napoli which is a very old historical city withe the best pizza in whole Italy. After enjoying your meal in Napoli you can take a taxi, it costs around 50-60 Euro per route, it depends if you choose to stay in Positano or Sorrento. My tip would be to choose Sorrento, it is much more cheaper, they have great hotels and it is the best city in the Amalfi Coast, which makes it very alive in the night, with lots of places you can party and have a good time, and of course it is near all the other Amalfi Coast cities, which will make it easier for you to visit them. In order to do that, I would recommend you to rent a car or a vespa. If you stay in a hotel, please make sure they have a parking place, because in Sorrento it is very difficult to find a free parking place. A thing that you should know about the Amalfi roads is that the view is divine and taken out from a fairytale but the roads are hell and you need to have a lot of patience and drive carefully. If you are not so fit with driving, just take a taxi or choose to see the cities using a boat. Trust me, if you make it all alive through the Amalfi roads, you can be classified as one of the best drivers ever! In Sorrento please do not forget to go to Marina Piccola beach, drink Limoncello and enjoy the perfect past from da Gigino (Pizzeria i Trattoria).

After visiting Sorrento your next stop should be the famous and unforgettable Positano. Here you can find and enjoy the beach of Fornillo, if you like not so crowdy beaches with crystal waters or the beach in Spiaggia Grande which is the most famous beach in Positano. Do not forget to have a walk and explore all the shops in the city and at noon have a cocktail at the Franco s Bar where you can have not only the best view over Positano, but also the best cocktails and service. Because it is crowded I would recommend you to book a place there a few days before.

The next stop you should make is definitely the Amalfi city. This city might not be so famous for its beaches, but it is for its history, the architectural medieval houses and the famous Dom of Amalfi. If you choose to eat in Amalfi the best place I would recommend you is a hidden old restaurant, 5 minutes away from the city center called Pizzeria al Teatro, here you will enjoy an authentic Italian food cooked by an old Italian lady who owns the restaurant together with her husband.

Last but not least, do not forget to go to Capri. It is only 30 minutes away from Sorrento Harbour with a boat. In Capri you can enjoy swimming in Marina Grande and Marina Piccola you can rent a smaller boat and visit the Faraglioni cliffs and dive into the sea there. Moreover if you enjoy shopping, Capri is the place to be, here you have a huge variety of amazing shops and walking through the streets in Capri you can see lots of celebrities.

Amalfi Coast is where you can live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink the wild air.

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Maria Mirabela Rotaru

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