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Amalfi Coast

An old Italian quote says that when Judgement day comes, the people of Amalfi will not have a change in life, for they are already living in paradise. After I visited Amalfi in summer I could not agree more. The Amalfi Coast is definitely a piece of Heaven with breathtaking views, amazing sea water and excellent food.

If I catch up your attention above and you think to explore Amalfi one day grab a pen, and write down some tips I have for you. If you are thinking to travel to Amalfi you should fly to Neaples (Napoli), that is the closest point to Amalfi. If you have some spare time you can visit Napoli which is a very old historical city withe the best pizza in whole Italy. After enjoying your meal in Napoli you can take a taxi, it costs around 50-60 Euro per route, it depends if you choose to stay in Positano or Sorrento. My tip would be to choose Sorrento, it is much more cheaper, they have great hotels and it is the best city in the Amalfi Coast, which makes it very alive in the night, with lots of places you can party and have a good time, and of course it is near all the other Amalfi Coast cities, which will make it easier for you to visit them. In order to do that, I would recommend you to rent a car or a vespa. If you stay in a hotel, please make sure they have a parking place, because in Sorrento it is very difficult to find a free parking place. A thing that you should know about the Amalfi roads is that the view is divine and taken out from a fairytale but the roads are hell and you need to have a lot of patience and drive carefully. If you are not so fit with driving, just take a taxi or choose to see the cities using a boat. Trust me, if you make it all alive through the Amalfi roads, you can be classified as one of the best drivers ever! In Sorrento please do not forget to go to Marina Piccola beach, drink Limoncello and enjoy the perfect past from da Gigino (Pizzeria i Trattoria).

After visiting Sorrento your next stop should be the famous and unforgettable Positano. Here you can find and enjoy the beach of Fornillo, if you like not so crowdy beaches with crystal waters or the beach in Spiaggia Grande which is the most famous beach in Positano. Do not forget to have a walk and explore all the shops in the city and at noon have a cocktail at the Franco s Bar where you can have not only the best view over Positano, but also the best cocktails and service. Because it is crowded I would recommend you to book a place there a few days before.

The next stop you should make is definitely the Amalfi city. This city might not be so famous for its beaches, but it is for its history, the architectural medieval houses and the famous Dom of Amalfi. If you choose to eat in Amalfi the best place I would recommend you is a hidden old restaurant, 5 minutes away from the city center called Pizzeria al Teatro, here you will enjoy an authentic Italian food cooked by an old Italian lady who owns the restaurant together with her husband.

Last but not least, do not forget to go to Capri. It is only 30 minutes away from Sorrento Harbour with a boat. In Capri you can enjoy swimming in Marina Grande and Marina Piccola you can rent a smaller boat and visit the Faraglioni cliffs and dive into the sea there. Moreover if you enjoy shopping, Capri is the place to be, here you have a huge variety of amazing shops and walking through the streets in Capri you can see lots of celebrities.

Amalfi Coast is where you can live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and drink the wild air.

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Maria Mirabela Rotaru

Καλώς ήρθατε στη νότια Λακωνία! Τον τόπο που συνδυάζει αρμονικά την άγρια φυσική ομορφιά με τη μακραίωνη ελληνική ιστορία…

Βρείτε την Αρεόπολη, ένα πανέμορφο γραφικό χωριό με νόστιμο ζυμωτό ψωμί και πετρόχτιστα σπίτι. Η θέα κόβει την ανάσα…


Κατεβείτε στη θάλασσα και γνωρίστε το Λιμένι, το επίνειο της Αρεόπολης. Δοκιμάστε θαλασσινά δίπλα στα κρυστάλλινα νερά. Καλή όρεξη…


Προχωρήστε νοτιότερα στη χερσόνησο της Μάνης και συναντήστε το Γερολιμένα. Παραθαλάσσιος οικισμός με απότομους γκρεμούς που θυμίζουν τα σκωτσέζικα Χάιλαντς…


Ανηφορίστε προς την ενδοχώρα και στο δρόμο σας θα δείτε το Γύθειο, σημαντικό κέντρο της περιοχής. Πιείτε τον καφέ σας βλέποντας το νησάκι με το φάρο ακριβώς απέναντι…


Περάστε, στη συνέχεια, στο νησάκι με το αυτοκίνητο ή περπατώντας. Μια καλή ευκαιρία για έναν καλό περίπατο…

Το νησάκι με το φάρο

Κατευθυνθείτε ανατολικά, στη χερσόνησο Μαλέα. Επισκεφθείτε τη Νεάπολη, γνωστή για τους καρναβαλικούς της εορτασμούς και τα πολύχρωμα σκαλοπάτια της…


Αφήστε για το τέλος τη Μονεμβασιά, στο ανατολικότερο άκρο του νομού. Παρκάρετε στη σύγχρονη πόλη και περάστε πεζοί στο Βράχο. Πριν μπείτε μέσα, αγναντέψτε το Μυρτώο πέλαγος…

Μυρτώο πέλαγος

Υποβάλετε, μπαίνοντας, τα σέβη σας στο μεγάλο εθνικό μας ποιητή Γιάννη Ρίτσο που αναπαύεται στον τόπο καταγωγής του…

Προτομή Ρίτσου

Περιηγηθείτε, τέλος, στη μεσαιωνική καστροπολιτεία και γνωρίστε την ιστορία του χώρου από τα σημεία με τις πληροφορίες. Αγοράστε, αν θέλετε, τοπικά προϊόντα από τα σύγχρονα μαγαζιά που λειτουργούν. Οι πιο αθλητικοί, ανεβείτε από τις σκάλες στην κορυφή του Βράχου…

Καστροπολιτεία Μονεμβασιάς

Καλό ταξίδι και καλή διασκέδαση!

Νίκος Τζιουβάρας

Παραμονή Χριστουγέννων στο Noordwijk

Αγαπούμε το διαφορετικό, το ξεχωριστό και το συστήνουμε ανεπιφύλακτα σε όλους τους ταξιδιώτες. Ερωτευμένοι και μη, αυτό το παραθαλάσσιο μέρος στη Βόρεια Θάλασσα μπορεί να μη θυμίζει και να μη συγκρίνεται με ένα ελληνικό θαλασσινό τοπίο, αλλά κρύβει μια δική του νοσταλγική διάθεση που θα κάνει τον κάθε ταξιδιώτη να το λατρέψει. Αντί να τρέξουμε στη Δυτική Αμερική λοιπόν για να θαυμάσουμε την Καλιφορνιακή παραλία τεραστίων διαστάσεων, θα μπορούσαμε να πάρουμε μια μικρή πρώτη γεύση σε ευρωπαικά εδάφη νιώθωντας δύο βήματα από την πατρίδα μας, κλέβοντας ίσως και κανα δύο ιδεές αισθητικής, τις οποίες θα μπορούσαμε πολύ εύκολα να υιοθετήσουμε και να μεταφέρουμε στην Ελλάδα.

Εδώ είναι που θα δούμε καντίνες στημμένες στην αμμούδια να μας προσφέρουν φρέσκο μπακαλιάρο, ενώ ακριβώς δίπλα στέκονται οι αχόρταγοι γλάροι προσδοκώντας να μοιραστούμε μαζί τους αυτή την υπέροχη γεύση που πλημμυρίζει απόλαυση τον ουρανίσκο μας.

Όμορφα και ιδιαίτερα ταξίδια σε όλους μας!

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Κατερίνα Παυλίδου


Start spreading the news!

Do you find yourself having dark thoughts at the sound of ‘Middle Age’? What if though, you start walking within the castle of a medieval city? And what if this city happens to be York? I don’t want to patronise you but this is what it will feel like; You will be amazed by the beauty, charmed by the people and eventually you will surrender to York’s way!

With autumn being just around the corner, forget about the winter blues and go for a walk to the most famous attractions of the city; York’s minister stands glorious in the very centre making it almost impossible for visitors to miss it! Musicians surrounding the cathedral, know perfectly how to add to the atmosphere with their tunes and move even the hardest ones to please.

Tea or hot chocolate? The options seem countless! Cafes and tea shops have elevated their services to a delicate form of art that combines fine decoration (mostly vintage with natural elements), scrumptious dishes and desserts and of course smiley people! A heart-warming experience throughout the year! You will notice below that I can’t possibly decide on which season the shops look better so allow me to put a wide selection of photos!!

There is no medieval city without a castle and York’s is going to blow your mind away! The castle is integral part of the city! You can walk on the walls of the castle to admire the view, you can visit restaurants that overlook the castle or even visit cafes that are part of the castle!! Do look out for ‘The Perky Peacock’ and ‘Sophie’. Either time travelling in Peacock’s tower or floating above the canals, in Sophie’s garden, you will be left mesmerised!

Cycling, shopping and chilling. Shambles street –maybe the most picturesque of the city- will make your heart melt. Thanks God I took a photo just at the entrance! Go yourself and discover the most beautiful timber framed buildings. Shops hosting story worlds and every type of street food you can imagine! You will love it!

Bookstores in York prove that buying books and reading them can be two completely different activities! At least this applies to me. Even though I won’t read them, I can’t resist the opportunity to stare at these windows and look for hidden treasures!

The city was built by Romans and the architecture cannot but capture your eye! To me there are two levels of life in York: by the canals and above the bridges! Therefore, double the pleasure!! Either way, doesn’t it look like the perfect place for some romance?

I will leave you to it and who knows? Maybe I have secretly put York into your dream destinations!

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Maria Rafaela Michalopoulou

Malta journey

A travel option people often know little about, as opposed to popular holiday destinations such as France, Spain, Italy & Greece is Malta. And that is also the fact that makes Malta so fascinating. Because this small country, unknown from so many people, a country which you cannot see with a clear eye on the map hides so may beautifully places, delicious dishes, a strong culture and kind-hearted people, which you cannot find in other places in Europe and definitely you will not forget.

If you want to visit Great Britain, Italy & Greece in only one holiday then you need to go to Malta! It´s a country that combines the whole Mediterranean in one place! It´s the place where you can feel at home but also a tourist at the same time! Most people are very accommodating, and are very willing to lend a helping hand, if you need directions or require assistance of any kind.

The Maltese language is a combination of Italian and Arabic, a unique combination & a really difficult language I may say, but you don’t need to worry because everyone in this country speaks English even the Maltese between them. (maybe because Malta was under the influence of the British empire).

The highest concentration of holiday resorts and hotels can be found around St. Julian’sBuġibba / Qawra, and  Sliema, which are all situated along the Northern coastline of Malta. I personally stayed in Sliema which is only 15 minutes’ walk from St. Julian´s which I can truly recommend. This is a really good region to stay because of the numerous hotels, restaurants, clubs & Bars. So, accommodation in St. Julian’s is recommended if you enjoy spending your nights going out. Otherwise, if you don’t want more quite time for you and your family you can stay in the north of Malta.

Moreover, unlike most travel destinations, you can visit a large number of fascinating museums and attractions that testify to Malta’s rich and turbulent history within a relatively small area. You can organise day trips, combining a visit to, for example, Mdina or the beautiful Islands of Malta; Gozo and Comino. Many tour operators can facilitate you with a choice of tours around the Maltese islands, but obviously at a cost. Both islands are amazing but my suggestion is to stay 2 Days in Gozo, because a day is not enough to visit the whole Island.

 The relatively short distances, convenient bus routes and road signs make it relatively easy to find your way around using public transport or a hired car if you prefer to explore the islands by yourself.

Everything you will eat in Malta tastes delicious, the fish is great, the Italian food is amazing due to the fact that Malta is near Sicily, lots of authentic Italian products, and lots of Italian cooks live in Malta. But If I could choose my favorite Restaurant in Malta, that will be Barracuda´s restaurant in St.Julians. If you ever go to Malta you need to eat there and you will not regret it! It is worth every single penny and is a nice experience.

Malta has a lot of beautiful beaches as you can see in the photos, but the photos cannot show the truly beauty of these places! I could also continue to write about Malta but words are not enough to describe the vibe that this island gives to you!

Għajn Tuffieħa Beach; Most beautiful beach in Malta

1925 Resort Hotel & Spa ( best price quality price)
Sunset in Malta
Comino Island

St. Julian´s Bay

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Maria Mirabela Rotaru

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