A Road Trip from Pisoderi to Prespes (part I)

Greece is worldwide known for its magic sea, beaches, and islands. However, there is also an unknown – slightly different, but equally attractive – mountainous side of Greece, remaining undiscovered by many tourists. Today, I want to make a virtual road trip with you, starting from my village Pisoderi.

Pisoderi (Greek: Πισοδέρι), meaning behind the mountain in the local dialect, is a village, situated 22 km away from the city of Florina, Greece. The photos presented below are of different seasons. Let’s start!

First stop: On your way from Florina and just 5 km before entering the village, you meet the ski resort, Vigla. This is where, almost 20 years ago, I started learning skiing. The ski center is located on Mount Verno and its highest peak is 2.000 m.

On the way…
On the way…
Getting ready…
On the slope.
Reaching the top of the mountain.
Going down a forest road.

Second stop: My village Pisoderi offers pure natural landscapes, fresh air, and silence for those searching for peace of mind.

In the yard of a local house.
The village’s church (Agia Paraskevi).

Third stop: By leaving Pisoderi and about 4 km away, you meet the Holy Monastery of Agia Triada. The Monastery was built in the year 1050 and is surrounded by captivating nature.

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by Anastasia Douka

The magnificent Manchester

Piccadilly Square

Moving into Manchester almost 3 years ago, seemed a really tough decision to make. Little did I know how this city can change people’s approach towards life. Well, this is because Manchester is one of those cities, where various cultures stand side by side, they carry on evolving and enriching each other. It’s not because the culture is highly valued but mostly because each different person with their journey, cultural capital and mindset is highly valued. Smiley people, Mancunians – busy bees looking quite professional in the morning, dead bubbly people who love some booze at night. Manchester, here we go!

‘The notorious Northern Quarter’

Old Wellington

National Football Museum

Are you looking for alternative vibes, live bands, a vintage touch or a bohemian haven? Northern Quarter is the place to be.

Try ‘Fig and Sparrow’ or ‘Ezra & Gil’ for coffee and branch and a wide variety of tea (with my favourite ones being matcha and cocoa) in a boho, minimal environment. The wood is the material that plays a major role here and does add to the cosy and warm atmosphere. ‘Teacup Kitchen’ is great for a lunch break and ‘Ziferblat’ is possibly the only place where you buy time instead of goodies.  Look for Tib Street, a narrow street, where you can find a scrumptious cake in ‘Sugar Junction’ or experience a funky night at ‘Matt and Phreds’ with terrific bands unfolding New Orleans scenes right in front of your eyes.

Chapter One

Closer to the Piccadilly square, ‘Nexus’ is a creative hub which promotes Christian values in a very unique and accepting way. ‘Nexus’ is a basement but you can discover a nice view as soon as you step in. Around the corner, be careful when you pass by, as you may enter a book. ‘Chapter one’ it is then. If it’s morning, make sure you book a table as lots of students enjoy studying in this café that makes you feel you are in a patio next to the city’s fountain. Just 2 minutes’ walk away, host to local and international music bands, ‘Day and Night Café’ in Oldham street is a great chance for you to indulge in both new and old sounds.

‘The super-glamorous Spinningfields’

If a posh place with a breath-taking view appeals more to you, Spinningfields is the place for you.

Oast House Pub

Hilton’s terrace is so close to the clouds that it is named after them. ‘Cloud 23 bar’ is a very stylish bar with a wide variety of wines and cocktails to choose from. Be mindful of the dress code though! ’20 stories’ lies at the top floor of No.1 Spinningfields where huge swathes of Manchester and beyond will be visible. Either you are seeking for an elegant restaurant offering high-quality plates or a cocktail bar with the best view in the city, ’20 stories’ does worth a go. The ‘Oast house pub’ is a massive beer garden which often gets crowded, especially in those precious –for Manchester- sunny days.

‘The glorious galleries’

St. Peter s Square

‘Manchester art gallery’ close to St Peter’s square hosts permanent exhibitions (related to Mancunians’ history and industrial revolution) to temporary ones.  

‘Whitworth art gallery’ is a little gem right in Oxford Street not more than a 5 minutes’ walk from the University of Manchester. Mesmerising exhibitions, visitors interacting with the creations and a café overlooking the gardens. This is definitely a must-see.

‘The majestic media-city’

Salford Quays

Salford quays are considered to be a different city, but practically is part of Manchester. BBC studios stand by the canals and welcome people to see where British news and shows are shot. The Lowry theatre hosts various plays (we are going to go in detail in a future article). After the end of the play, you have some lovely places waiting to be discovered. ‘Botanist’ offers an alternative decoration, terrace view over the canals and delicious plates for you to enjoy. Don’t miss the ‘Alchemist’ a creative cocktail bar and restaurant that seems to emerge from the water. The wood deck around the bar leads to a balcony hanging a few inches above the water. If you ‘re lucky enough to enjoy a sunny day (or just not rainy), make the most out of it!

‘The purifying parks’

‘Heaton park’, the biggest park in Manchester hosts one of the most popular festivals in the city, every June, ‘Parklife’. Also, discover Treetop Trek, a woodland adventure for the whole family and the animal centre with common farmyard animals, such as chickens, goats and pigs as well as more exotic species such as alpacas. If the weather is good (again, by that I mean not raining), you can hire a boat for a fun day in the lake.

‘Dunham Massey’ a 40 minutes’ drive from the city will make you think that you step into ‘Alice in Wonderland’. People thrive where nature thrives! Deer, lakes, mills and a lovely café to step back and admire what ravishes the eye and the soul!

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Maria Rafaela Michalopoulou

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