Strolling around in Brighton – England

One of the most beautiful cities in the United Kingdom is definately Brighton. Students make this place even more tremendous, as it is a small city, which is always vivid.

Look…this is not Portobello, but colourful houses you can find everywhere in Britain and this makes you wonder, why not everywhere on this World? We people need more coulour in our lives, give it to us!
You have noticed from other posts that I have made, there are sweets always on my way…
This is just a proof, that whenever I see sweets, I feel easily dizzy. I wanted to share this moment & these feelings with you. 
I love street music & I can not resist. I have to stop!
You Indians, you will laugh, but at the moment I saw this Palace accompanied with relaxing music, I said: This is a miniature of Taj Mahal in India.
A piece of Art

Trip to Trip

Marietta Tigka

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