So small and so cute! With these two words could we describe Bacharach, a town in the Rhine Gorge in Germany, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage Site. This region could be the reason why I do love Germany and I will never get bored of exploring every part of the country. In less than three hours you have seen already most of everything. It will take you 15 Minutes to hike up  to the Castle and enjoy this peaceful, picturesque and colorful place. If you want to spend a night there, you can sleep in the Castle…yes, there is a Motel there and you can feel for one day that you have your own Kingdom. When you wake up from your dream, take the next train, your bike or your car and visit the other villages in the area. You will never regret it and you will find the answer to the question , Why German spend almost every weekend in the countryside? Just have a view at a glance…

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Marietta Tigka

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