Bath – England

If you ever visit England, please go to Bath. This is a city you have to visit, not only because of its famous baths, but also because it is really picturesque. Let the following photos show you the way…

In the centre of the city you will be charmed by the music, that the locals amateurs play. Stay a little bit & feel the magic.
The only advice I could give you is: walk, walk, walk! Don’t be afraid to follow every path it’s on your way, cause only then you will find out wonderful hidden cafes and restaurants.
It was the first time I went to a park and I was obliged to pay an entrance in order to come in. As it seems, there is a reason.

The British obviously want to make the difference.
YES, you can quit sweets tomorrow… These are handmade darling!


If you try more than one, we do understand. No worries!

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Marietta Tigka




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