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One, two, three, four, five…I don’t mind…I admit it! I’m addicted to cocktails! What can you do for me? Just follow me to the best cocktail Bars in the City…

Let’s start with the one and only ”Bar Ohne Namen” (Eschennheimer Tor 3) which is in the centre of the city and you can find it so easily without even to search around. Highly recommended for young people with a good taste of Fashion.
I can’t remember the name of this Cocktail , but don’t need it. Just be cool and show this photo. The Barman knows…
Somewhere close to the Opera on a basement there is a Bar called ”Chinaski”’ (Bockenheimer Landstraße 1). Go, drink, dance, meet new people and go back home late! But really late!
And now, the most of you know me. I call myself 100% Frankfurterin. At least I’m trying hard to be! This is a title that for sure I couldn’t have if I had not visited ”Logenhaus” (Finkenhofstraße 17). OK it started as a visit, but now I go frequently there! You feel like you are part of a secret organization or that you are really someone special. I don’t know why…but it’s like a Club. Recently I found out, it has also a garden. Yes visit it TODAY, don’t leave it for tomorrow! & something more: I love Cocktails but one is enough, keep your brain clean. They are really strong.
Let’s move to another area Bockenheimer Warte: after strolling around the city trying to find an interesting place for wine, I ended up to ”Weinkontor” (Schloßstraße 92). Hidden into a gallery, in the basement, like a cave with a beautiful garden. Not only drinking, try the snacks also!
Maxie Eisen” (Μünchener Straße 18), you dirty mind this is THE place to be in Bahnhofsviertel. Just have a look behind the mirror…& the night has just begun!

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