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I’m sure you know better than me how it is, when you just visit a city as a traveler and when you live in a city. A traveler will just recommend five places and he will feel satisfied, if they worth it, but how could a dweller choose among many the best one? That was hard for me too, but I did my best to first introduce you Frankfurt and then make you love it. So here we are:

If you are wondering where all Germans are hidden during weekends, the following would be a possible answer. If they have stayed in Frankfurt, something that happens once in a while, they will spend their morning enjoying their breakfast outdoors. This could be at Westend or Nordend. And at this moment comes my recommendation, which is ”StrandCafé” at Nordend (Koselstraße 46). Visit it on Sunday, but it would be better to book a table first, as it is always full. And if the weather is great, don’t hesitate sitting out in the garden.


There are many places you can enjoy a cup of coffee in Frankfurt, but it depends, what are you looking for? A really good taste of coffee or an interesting environment? Here I would recommend three places for you: ”Main Café” (Schaumainkai 50) only for summertime. You’ll find it on the other side of Nizza and you will be surprised by the fact it is happily crowded. There you can lie on the grass or you can borrow one of the sunbeds and spend the whole day looking at the river and the skyscrapers. This is one of the places, where you will get in love with this city!
Let’s go now to the Fischerplatzchen and visit at first ”Langosch am Main” (Fahrgasse 3). You will find the decoration absolutely amazing! And these guys working there, are uber cool!
Not far away, if you cross the street, you’ll meet ”Cafe Sugar Mama’‘ (Kurt-Schumacher-Straße), the place that I DO love. The best place to be on sunny days! As seeing from the photos, with your coffee you ‘’travel’’ at the same time to another place! And most of all, I love these guys being there who always smile and they are just adorable!!
This is not a coffee place but like a true traveler you have to go there. It is here, where you will understand why German are the best travelers in the world…The Shop is called ”Globetrotter”  (Hanauer Landstraße) and this name matches just perfect! Here you can find everything you are looking for a trip! You can try clothes in – 0 Degrees rooms and you can even climb on the wall etc. No words to describe it! Just visit it!!

To be continued with Cocktails…

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Marietta Tigka & Ioulia Nizamidou

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