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A travel option people often know little about, as opposed to popular holiday destinations such as France, Spain, Italy & Greece is Malta. And that is also the fact that makes Malta so fascinating. Because this small country, unknown from so many people, a country which you cannot see with a clear eye on the map hides so may beautifully places, delicious dishes, a strong culture and kind-hearted people, which you cannot find in other places in Europe and definitely you will not forget.

If you want to visit Great Britain, Italy & Greece in only one holiday then you need to go to Malta! It´s a country that combines the whole Mediterranean in one place! It´s the place where you can feel at home but also a tourist at the same time! Most people are very accommodating, and are very willing to lend a helping hand, if you need directions or require assistance of any kind.

The Maltese language is a combination of Italian and Arabic, a unique combination & a really difficult language I may say, but you don’t need to worry because everyone in this country speaks English even the Maltese between them. (maybe because Malta was under the influence of the British empire).

The highest concentration of holiday resorts and hotels can be found around St. Julian’sBuġibba / Qawra, and  Sliema, which are all situated along the Northern coastline of Malta. I personally stayed in Sliema which is only 15 minutes’ walk from St. Julian´s which I can truly recommend. This is a really good region to stay because of the numerous hotels, restaurants, clubs & Bars. So, accommodation in St. Julian’s is recommended if you enjoy spending your nights going out. Otherwise, if you don’t want more quite time for you and your family you can stay in the north of Malta.

Moreover, unlike most travel destinations, you can visit a large number of fascinating museums and attractions that testify to Malta’s rich and turbulent history within a relatively small area. You can organise day trips, combining a visit to, for example, Mdina or the beautiful Islands of Malta; Gozo and Comino. Many tour operators can facilitate you with a choice of tours around the Maltese islands, but obviously at a cost. Both islands are amazing but my suggestion is to stay 2 Days in Gozo, because a day is not enough to visit the whole Island.

 The relatively short distances, convenient bus routes and road signs make it relatively easy to find your way around using public transport or a hired car if you prefer to explore the islands by yourself.

Everything you will eat in Malta tastes delicious, the fish is great, the Italian food is amazing due to the fact that Malta is near Sicily, lots of authentic Italian products, and lots of Italian cooks live in Malta. But If I could choose my favorite Restaurant in Malta, that will be Barracuda´s restaurant in St.Julians. If you ever go to Malta you need to eat there and you will not regret it! It is worth every single penny and is a nice experience.

Malta has a lot of beautiful beaches as you can see in the photos, but the photos cannot show the truly beauty of these places! I could also continue to write about Malta but words are not enough to describe the vibe that this island gives to you!

Għajn Tuffieħa Beach; Most beautiful beach in Malta

1925 Resort Hotel & Spa ( best price quality price)
Sunset in Malta
Comino Island

St. Julian´s Bay

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Maria Mirabela Rotaru

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