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Do you find yourself having dark thoughts at the sound of ‘Middle Age’? What if though, you start walking within the castle of a medieval city? And what if this city happens to be York? I don’t want to patronise you but this is what it will feel like; You will be amazed by the beauty, charmed by the people and eventually you will surrender to York’s way!

With autumn being just around the corner, forget about the winter blues and go for a walk to the most famous attractions of the city; York’s minister stands glorious in the very centre making it almost impossible for visitors to miss it! Musicians surrounding the cathedral, know perfectly how to add to the atmosphere with their tunes and move even the hardest ones to please.

Tea or hot chocolate? The options seem countless! Cafes and tea shops have elevated their services to a delicate form of art that combines fine decoration (mostly vintage with natural elements), scrumptious dishes and desserts and of course smiley people! A heart-warming experience throughout the year! You will notice below that I can’t possibly decide on which season the shops look better so allow me to put a wide selection of photos!!

There is no medieval city without a castle and York’s is going to blow your mind away! The castle is integral part of the city! You can walk on the walls of the castle to admire the view, you can visit restaurants that overlook the castle or even visit cafes that are part of the castle!! Do look out for ‘The Perky Peacock’ and ‘Sophie’. Either time travelling in Peacock’s tower or floating above the canals, in Sophie’s garden, you will be left mesmerised!

Cycling, shopping and chilling. Shambles street –maybe the most picturesque of the city- will make your heart melt. Thanks God I took a photo just at the entrance! Go yourself and discover the most beautiful timber framed buildings. Shops hosting story worlds and every type of street food you can imagine! You will love it!

Bookstores in York prove that buying books and reading them can be two completely different activities! At least this applies to me. Even though I won’t read them, I can’t resist the opportunity to stare at these windows and look for hidden treasures!

The city was built by Romans and the architecture cannot but capture your eye! To me there are two levels of life in York: by the canals and above the bridges! Therefore, double the pleasure!! Either way, doesn’t it look like the perfect place for some romance?

I will leave you to it and who knows? Maybe I have secretly put York into your dream destinations!

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Maria Rafaela Michalopoulou

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